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Noah's Seeds is a reliable supplier of GOLYAT F1 hybrid tomato seeds worldwide. Our seeds are perfect for industrial production and are suitable for sun-drying, as well as offering a delicious and robust flavor for fresh consumption. Additionally, they provide high yields and profits for growers.

GOLYAT F1 is a remarkable variety of tomato seeds, known for its resistance to TSWV, high productivity, firm and long shelf-life fruits, large fruit size (140-300 g (5-10.5 oz) ), stem-free detachment, and adaptability to all soil types.

This hybrid seed variety can adapt to any soil and offers an excellent option for fresh consumption, high productivity, and industrial production with its firm fruit structure. The TSWV resistance enhances plant resilience, while the stem-free detachment feature allows growers to harvest fruits without damaging them. Furthermore, the firm fruit structure enables the product to be stored for an extended period without losing its freshness.

Noah's Seeds offers only the highest quality hybrid tomato seeds, and GOLYAT F1 is no exception. With its high yields and profits for growers and nutritious and delicious options for customers, GOLYAT F1 is the perfect choice. Visit our website now to try GOLYAT F1, and we guarantee that these seeds will meet your expectations!